The Campaign

Sexism, sexual harassment, and sexual assault are commonplace in the healthcare workforce. Too many of us have witnessed or been subject to it… the female med student asked to stay late lone working with a senior male doctor, being looked over for opportunities at work, unwelcome touching at conferences, comments on your looks… the list goes on.

A 2021 survey from the BMA reported 91% of women doctors had experienced sexism in the last 2 years and 47% felt they had been treated less favourably due to their gender. Over half of the women (56%) said that they had received unwanted verbal comments relating to their gender and 31% said that they had experienced unwanted physical conduct.

Despite these statistics these issues remain endemic in healthcare. We launched Surviving in Scrubs to tackle this problem, giving a voice to women and non-binary survivors in healthcare to raise awareness and end sexism, sexual harassment, and sexual assault in healthcare. The project is simple- you share your story through the Submit Your Story page anonymously and we publish them on the Your Stories page. This will create a narrative of shared experiences that cannot be ignored. The strength in our collective voices will allow us to campaign and push for change in healthcare to end the culture of misogyny.